​Cracked Heart Plate, Stoneware, 8x8x1, 2014.

Finding Common Ground, Stoneware & Found Objects, 10x10x7, 2016.

American Girl, Porcelain, 8x6x10, 2016.

Asleep in the Arms of a Slow Swinging Sea, Porcelain, Sewing Needles, 16x18x1, 2015.

Innocence Gone, Porcelain, Jute, 2015.

Little Faces, Porcelain, each approx. 3-5" diameter, 2015..

The transformative process and hint of unpredictability that are integral to ceramics invite me to tinker.  I’m interested in creating new identities for familiar objects. Some are soaked in porcelain slip, re-shaped, and fired...burning away a previous form and creating a new one.  Others are hand built or slip cast.  My sculptures are often arranged with found objects, creating metaphors that reference human interactions. 

Making ceramic stuff in San Francisco, California

Moab Compilation, Porcelain, Fusing Glass, overall dimensions approx. 14x12x2, 2015.

​​A Pattern of Violence, Porcelain, 7x5x1, 2015

Whiskey Shooters, Porcelain, 2015.

​Jeannie Field Ichimura

New American Collection, Porcelain, 7x5x1 each, 2015.

Conversation, Porcelain, Dollhouse Furniture, Leather, 8x8x6,  2015

You Can Tell A Lot About a Person by His Underwear, Porcelain & Found Object, 10x10x6, 2016..